Beck Row Parish Council


Beck Row Parish Council, Annual Audit.

As Beck Row Parish Council does not have a web site at present the Clerk has requested that we publish their Annual  Audit information as an interim measure to satisfy the external auditor.

Please find below the following documents.

AGAR section 1,  AGAR section 2,  Internal Audit report  & Excersise Rights notice

2022-2023 AGAR document,    External Audit Certificate,    Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Additional Documents

BECK ROW PC AGAR SECTION 1 22-23.png BECK ROW PC AGAR SECTION 2 22-23.png BECK ROW PC ANNUAL INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT 22-23.png BECK ROW PC DATES FOR EXERCISE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS 22-23.png 2022-2023 AGAR.pdf Notice of Conclusion of Audit.jpg External Audit Certificate.pdf